Pups At Play

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3025 3019 3014
Rock climbing That’s a long way down! Relaxing and chewing the stick on mum’s sunbed


3006 3017 3026
Sick of Frisbee, let’s play elsewhere! Climbing gate is fun The ‘F’ troop on the march


0357 1021 0605-001
A game of tug of war Come back with my piece of bark I’ll give up, you’re too big
1428 1631-001 0581
I’ll soon be as good as Beckham Good tackle!! I finally got you
1029 0620 (2) 1405
 Help me carry this big bark  Beagle help me!!  Come back mum!
1434 1420-001 0603 (2)
My big teddy bear Playing hide and seek Can I get up now?
1519-001 DSC_0016-001  1441
 We got you Teddy  Let’s play ball  My piece of bark
1423-001 1431 DSC_0050
Where are they hiding? Wrestling with mum Playing with my teddy
2169 0389 1669
 Tip toe through the tulip  Where’s the operator? I’m ready!  Nice cup of tea!
2588 2595 dsc_0014
I help you carry it,mum Lets all mug Teddy!                         Wrestlemania!!!



                                Foxies excavation team at work.                                                              Oops! Sprung.