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Hand Made Dog Leads

Popular for showing or everyday use with glass beads woven into the cord. From $15.00 plus postage.



Warm.A.Pet  under bedding heat pad, contact us if you wish to purchase one for your pet.

Large Deluxe Heating Pad- 300 x 400 mm,16 Volt, three heat control, vinyl covered and Sherpa slip cover.

Small Deluxe Heating Pad**- 300 x 235 mm, multi voltage /  multi heat setting , vinyl cover & quilted slip cover.

** Perfect for use in small lidded crates and has seven voltages settings- starting at 12 Volt & reducing-therefore giving seven choices of warmth.

ALL AT ONE PRICE $70.00 + Postage.


Biopet Puppy chow

Bio Yoghurt Dog Food      Product of Australia