At Follyfoot Mini Foxie’s all puppies are whelped indoors, we slowly introducing them to the outside world while they are being weaned of mum’s milk, their adventures outside are brief as they are only babies.

Puppies need to be kept warm, dry and away from drafts, when you get your new family member home you should have already prepared a secure shelter in a draft free location with warm,clean,dry and cosy bedding out of the weather.

Keeping puppy outdoors, they need a sheltered area that they are able to access in a hurry should they be threatened by predators. Secure fencing is a must as puppies only need a tiny hole in the fence to get into  misadventure.  

There are many types of kennels on the market ,we prefer to use kennels that are easy to wash down and dry. Straw is the preferred medium for their bedding at Follyfoot kennels.

At Follyfoot kennels we use Warm.A.Pet heating pads during the winter months to assist whelping mothers keep their litters warm and also as a warm comforter for any aging or convalescing pets.

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