Our girls were all registered with the MFCA are vet checked and fully vaccinated before breeding.

Breeding ethic states that one litter may be bred from your dam every twelve months or every second season after whelping.

Our dams are separated from their kennel pals a couple of weeks before the puppies arrive. The girls are confined to a safe, private and secure area where they can nest and prepare for the pending birth of their puppies.

On the maiden whelping two weeks before the puppies are due we have our girls under go ultra sound to minimise the risk of birthing complications.


 Tinsel of Follyfoot

P1000034 DSC_0028 P1000034-001

Tinsel of Follyfoot 24.50cm is our foundation matriarch, her background history is unknown to us however Tinsel has been classified and meets the MFCA club standards. Tinsel progeny Lilly, Sox, Dexter, and Acer have been retained and have formed the nuclei of our current breeding bloodlines. Tinsel has fine bone structure and type as recognised by judges at MFCA shows and breed’s a fine boned and smaller type progeny.



Daisy of Follyfoot

P1000021 P1000027 0548

Daisy of Follyfoot is a foundation dam, Daisy has been classified and meets the MFCA  breed standards. Daisy’s height is 30.50cm in the upper limits for the breed. Daisy has presence, is of good type as demonstrated in the photo of her that appeared on 2012 Winter edition of the MFCA club newsletter.



Lily of Follyfoot        Sire: Benson        Dam: Tinsel of Follyfoot

4008 1372

Lily of Follyfoot is part of our foundation bloodline she is 27.50cm a full sister to , Sox of Follyfoot and Dexter of Follyfoot.



Davmac Brandy        Sire: Brymar Jayden      Dam: Braeview Saphyre

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Davmac Brandy is 28.50 cm tall a black and white natural bob tail, Brandy has a happy  personality and good natured.


MUNGARRA ALEXIA             Sire: Aiden of Bentara         Dam: Mungarra Allie

0600 0609 0598

 Mungarra Alexia is 27.5 cm tall and has produced some outstanding puppies. Alexia has a great disposition and mixes well with the rest of the “F” troop.

MUNGARRA ANNESS                Sire: Aiden of Bentara            Dam: Mungarra Anness



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Mungarra Anness is 26.5 cm tall. She’s of correct type, sound health and good natured. Anness had a great show career culminating being MFCA “Puppy of the year” . 


FOLLYFOOT CRYSTAL CLOVER                   Sire: Sox of Follyfoot          Dam: Davmac Brandy


Follyfoot Crystal Clover is 27.5 cm tall, black/white and natural bob tail. Our first home bred girl with great prospect as a future breeder. She won MFCA 2013 Bob tail of the year award and RUBIS to her sire Sox.


FOLLYFOOT  ISADORA              Sire: Follyfoot Acer          Dam: Daisy of Follyfoot

DSC_0021 6838 DSC_0017

Follyfoot Isadora is retained for our future breeding. She’s much like her dam “Daisy” , feisty and fearless but correct in build.