Diet: It is better not to change your puppies diet drastically.

Your new family member has a varied diet to encourage healthy growth and bone development.

Puppies mother has nourished him/her with her nutritious milk before being   weaned off mums milk at around 4 weeks of age.

At this time puppy is introduced to soft food preferably one that has no preservatives or artificial colours of flavourings.

Always remember while puppy is growing they need food with CALCIUM  to promote healthy growth.

To date your puppy has been fed a variety of the following foods.

Small portions of all or some of these foods are fed to puppy 3 times daily until 12 weeks of age, then 2 feeds per day until 5 to 6 months of age.

 Remember puppy only has a small tummy so don’t overfeed.

  1.   Raw Beef mince
  2.   Raw Chicken mince
  3.  Raw Turkey mince
  4.  Tinned Food: Natures Gift Puppy Formula Chicken.
  5. Follyfoot highly recommend BIOPET dry food, see Products page for Biopet website address.
  6.  Supercoat Puppy Chow, Selected because there are no added preservatives or food colourings.


 A mixture of raw mince of any kind cooked with rice, pasta and mixed vegies this can be frozen in meal portions.

As puppy grows and gets older reduce the number of feeds daily.



Never give your puppy dog chocolate, raisins or cooked bones.

As your puppy gets older about 6 Months of age you can start to introduce some of the following foods to his diet:

Introducing soft bones to puppy as a healthy treat between meals, always watching to ensure puppy is careful not to gulp down bones and choke.

Also recommending:

  • Dried Pigs Ears- a favourite of most dogs and puppies
  • Chicken Necks
  • Soft Brisket Bones