About Us

Follyfoot Sox



We have kept the Australian Mini Foxie breed of dog for 20 years, in 2011 we joined the MFCA and resigned in May 2015 and became registered breeders of the Australian Mini Foxie with our local council.

Follyfoot mini foxie is no longer affiliated with MFCA. We take every care to ensure all our breeding dogs and puppies are vet checked for soundness and in good health. Veterinarian signed puppy’s health certificate will be provided with on request.

Follyfoot mini foxie kennel is located in the Upper Hunter Valley, N.S.W. On acres of natural bushland setting with a well fenced house yard of 2.5 acre where our foxie friends play and hunt. Inside the yard we have built four dog management compounds where Dams & Sire can be housed to ensure integrity of any mating.

 After having our foundation mini foxie Tinsel and Daisy of Follyfoot classified  by authorised club officials, we have since purchased and introduced new bloodlines from Mungarra Kennel, Jocara Kennel and Davmac Kennel, by doing so we have expanded our gene pool to include breeding Tan & White, Black & White and bobtail to our existing Tri Colour foundation bloodlines.

Our aim is to breed dogs of physical soundness, good conformation and temperament that are suitable for show, breed from or just be the ideal family pet.

Our foundation dogs have all been entered in MFCA shows,  we are proud of these little dogs, they are proving their worth as good examples of the Australian Mini Foxie. We choose to use foundation dogs to diversify the bloodline as most of the well established kennels have foundation dogs in their bloodlines ancestry.

A Follyfoot progeny with foundation bloodline on the sire side has won the MFCA Supreme Puppy in Show 2013, also winning the Wendy Mictherson Bob Tail Award.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly should you wish to know more about our dogs, their bloodlines, or their health status. Enquiries are welcome we will endeavour to answer all you questions.